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About distribution

About distribution

Membership conditions:

1.Diamond Member(Ambassador diamondV5member)

2.It's already a diamondV5Old members can contact customer service to apply for opening

3.For details, see the certified member ambassador below。


1、Legal compliance and no fraud。

2、The site has the right to terminate and suspend the distribution qualification at any time。

3、See distribution rules for settlement details。

Certified Member Ambassador

  1. Certified asFriend member ambassador
    a.Open all goods in the stationBrowse permissions
    b.After authentication, share the webpage with friends to authenticate and promoteCertification commission

  2. Certified asDiamond Member Ambassador
    a.Shopping enjoymentDiamond member discount
    b.Open all goods in the stationBrowse permissions
    c.After authentication, share the page to friends to authenticate and get promotionCertification commission
    d.If the promoted member places an order,Draw corresponding distribution according to the amountDistribution commission。

  3. Certification commission、Distribution commission returned to membersAccount walletin,Returncycle7-15day,If there is a refund on the shopping order, it will be deducted proportionally。

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