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        51From the pipe club2001EBay“51Pipe club”shop,2003Establishment of independent website in“51Pipe net”,And Taobao“51Pipe club”shop,near20Make friends at home and abroad over the years,With a large number of registered members and loyal fans of the club。Club members involved in Hong Kong、Australia、Taiwan and overseas friends。


        51The pipe club community has accumulated a large number of good articles about pipe smoking from the majority of pipe lovers in the past ten years,And use experience、Anecdotes、And the joys and sorrows。Among them, there are many well-known moderators who are conscientious and enthusiastic,And their excellent articles,I spent that wonderful time with my friends,Left a beautiful memory。Under the enthusiastic work of the soldier moderator51Pipe Club Community Digest launched14Issue of electronic books and periodicals,This website update will be sorted out for everyone to download and share。


        This website update will better serve new and old members,Keep the original community forum,Organize and update the community stack for members to download。The website will be combined with WeChat、Alipay、Baidu、QQ、The convenience of the application platform such as Headline provides you with a better use experience。


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